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5 Strategies To Predict Fantasy Cricket Results

Cricket is one of the most unpredictable games. You might feel devasted when the team wins against your favorite team out of blue. Things become even worse when money is involved in the same game. The key to predicting the match is to have an in-depth analysis of the team, players' performance, pitch condition, weather report, and many other factors. Here mentioned are five compelling strategies to help you make Online accurate cricket Betting predictions.

• Look into past data

One of the best online cricket prediction tips is to look closely at each match you watch and you will figure out a continuing pattern, from which a match can be predicted. For instance, you can figure out that a batsman who bats really well, stumbles after a strategic time-out in each match of an IPL.

• Analyze the match conditions

No matter which player you are supporting or betting on, the result of the game majorly depends on external factors. These factors include the condition of the pitch and weather, time of the watch (day game or day-night game), size of the pitch or boundary, and many others.

• Wait for toss advertisements

In test matches or ODIs, toss can play a vital factor. Initially, teams who used to bat at last used to lose the game. But now in recent years, chasing has become a team’s strength. With a score on board, it becomes easy to achieve the target. However, in longest match formats, the team batting at last oftentimes loses. This is how the games are structured now. It is the toss that can help figure out the outcome of a match.

• Compare the key players of both teams in a single match

When playing, one team is used to analyze the performance of players of another team. The same goes for cricket betting predictions. It is the best betting tip that one can give you. In case you believe that this particular key player is going to win you the match for the side you are betting for, then it is important to check on the players playing against him.

Final Thoughts!

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