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Top 5 Today Cricket Betting Tips for The Win

Cricket is the most loved game and also a second religion for the people of India. Not only do people in India love to watch cricket but also use different websites like for betting and thus, earn sufficient income. Here we have mentioned some online cricket betting tips that will help you win the online cricket bet

1. Select a reliable betting site.

When it comes to online cricket betting platforms, fraud sites have become more frequent. Looking for a safe online cricket betting site? Choose predict777! It is an India-based online cricket betting advice resource, the main aim of which is to provide up-to-date information on cricket matches and tournaments commencing all over the world. This site allows the betters to bet on different cricket matches and earn bonuses.

2. Analyze the performance of players.

The market is flooded with a variety of online cricket betting and prediction platforms. What you need is a trustworthy and reliable betting channel to make quick betting and get easy payouts

3. Take risks, but better know when to stop.

It is only after making risky predictions that the scope of earning money can be increased. However, it is recommended to not go beyond your capabilities. You should be aware of when to stop taking risks or you will suffer losses. Predict777 has a team of cricket tipsters who can help you to get cricket bet tips and make you win the match.

4. Avoid betting on test matches.

One of the free cricket betting tips and predictions that can be given to the bettor is to avoid betting on test matches. Long matches are equipped with turns and twists and it usually becomes difficult to know which team will win the match today.

5. Understand the pitch’s condition.

Pitch condition majorly contributes to the winning or losing of a cricket match. Therefore, analyze the pitch’s condition before placing your bet on a team or player.


Always try to make a list of factors that can affect the outcome of a cricket match before placing your bets. Additionally, try to watch recent matches and learn more about players.